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Dupont Paver Patio

AJB Landscaping & Fence removed a deteriorating concrete slab and replaced it with this beautiful paver patio make with Western Interlock, Slimline pavers.AJB Landscaping & Fence removed a deteriorating concrete slab and replaced it with this beautiful paver patio make with Western Interlock, Slimline pavers.

Western Interlock Pavers Replace an Aging, Concrete Slab

One of the situations we frequently come across are customers who have existing landscaping, patios and walkways that came as part of the original building package that need upgrading. Oftentimes, to keep the cost of new housing developments down, builders will include only the most basic landscaping. The focus tends to be more on the internal features of the home and the landscaping is more of an afterthought. While this keeps the home more affordable, owners find themselves wanting more attractive, upgrading landscaping features.

This Dupont home is a perfect example. The home builder kept costs down by installing a simple concrete slab in the backyard. It was a basic, rectangular slab that was undersized for the footprint of the house. And over time, as the concrete settled, it started to crack and deteriorate. (As a sidenote, when AJB installs a concrete slab, we are very careful to include proper reinforcements and scoring breaks in the concrete to prevent this sort of cracking from occurring.)

To add more character to their backyard, our customer decided to replace the concrete slab with a paver patio. After we removed the existing patio, we expanded, prepared and regraded the area to be paved, and then installed Western Interlock, Slimline permeable pavers in a "Muster K" pattern. We chose the Columbia color blend to complement and contrast the color of the house. Slimline permeable pavers are ideal for paver patios that will only receive foot traffic and not be driven on by a vehicle. They have a similar appearance to standard pavers, but are less expensive than their thicker counterparts. We finished the project with a new stairway built into the hillside using paver stones and capstones.

Permable pavers work very well in our wet climate because water is able to drain in between the stones. Because it is not single, uniform surface, it cannot crack from ground settling. And if a paver ever becomes damaged, it can be easily replaced with a new one.

Our customer is very happy with the results. They now have quite a bit more room to enjoy their backyard, and aesthetically, it looks a lot nicer. The new patio paver also increases the value of their home, so they will likes see return on their investment if they decide to sell their home.

If you have an old concrete slab that needs a makeover, contact us at AJB Landscaping & Fence. We'll be happy to give you a free quote on a paver patio. We have the expereince it takes to help you choose the best paver stones for your application, and the skills to professionall install this beatuful addition to your home.


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