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Head to Head Fence Comparison

Quality cedar fence construction from AJB ServicesAJB Services pays great attention to detail with every fence we build. Point to the photo and compare our fence with one across the street built by one of our competitors.

AJB Services Builds Quality & Durability Into Every Fence

Not all fence construction is alike. We know that most homeowners are on a budget when it comes to home improvement projects and it's important to keep costs under control. However, the old addage that "you get what you pay for" is often true. There are many fence installation contractors around South Puget Sound, and you will receive a wide range of bids if you shop around. But you will also find a wide range in quality.

We can tell you straight off: AJB Servicese may not always be the cheapest bid on a fencing project, but we will always be competitive, and at the same time we will offer you a superior product.

Here is an example of a fence we built in the South Sound directly across from one of our competitiors. It doesn't take a professional eye to see the difference in construction qualilty between the two fences.

To be fair, our competitor's fence shown here is older than ours, so it is natural that there will be some difference in appearance. However, weathering aside, you can clearly see the attention to detail and quality construction of our fence. Boards are tighter, Cuts are cleaner and more consistent. And aesthetically, we think our fence is much more appealing.

At AJB Services, we are commited to building you a quality fence, no matter the size or scope of the project. We build all of our fences to last and pay extra attention to detail. We also stand by our work. Our aim is for 100% of our customers to be satisfied 100% of the time. And on the rare occasion that a customer is not fully satisifed, we will work with them to quickly resolve the issue.

Fences are a considerable investment in your home. Don't leave it to chance: contact AJB Services for a free estimate.


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