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Aluminum Fence Accentuates Modern-Style Architecture

Aluminum perimeter fenceAJB installed this aluminum fence around the perimeter of this downtown Olympia home to provide a boundary from passing pedestrians and pets.

It's a common problem in an urban setting: Homes with adjacent sidewalks are prone to people and pets walking through flower and plant beds. An obvious solution is to put up a perimeter fence, but not everyone wants to feel trapped behind a tall, solid-wood security fence, particularly with a narrow lot. And chain-link fences are not aesthetically appealing.

The owners of this Capitol Hill property wanted a barrier along their property line that complemented their home's unique modern-style architecture. At same time, they wanted to preserve the open feel of their lot and the ability to see the rest of their neighborhood down the street. Putting up a tall fence would not have been a good fit because it would have blocked the view and made them feel like they were living in a prison.

We worked with them to find a good compromise: a 3-foot aluminum fence painted with a black powder coating. The square posts and rails fit well with the modern home style. Working with prefabricated fence panels, we were able to use a step pattern to match the curve of the adjacent sidewalk. We continued the fence around the front of the home, integrating a small swing gate and connecting through an existing monument sign. The end effect provides a clean, defined property line and prevents people and dogs from damaging the landscaping while still preserving the open feel.

An aluminum fence was a good option for this project. Aluminum is durable and will never rust, even with direct ground contact. It's also lightweight and looks classy with the powder-coated, painted finish.

AJB Landscaping & Fence works with all types of fencing, from aluminum and wrought iron to wood and vinyl. We will find a solution that works for your project and budget. Give us a call at (360) 789-3707 or contact us online and we'll be happy to create a custom design for you and give you a free estimate.